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Do I have to pay to use this service?

You don’t have to pay to use Ares.

Please don’t fall victim to p2p scam sites.

Remember Ares, since its beginning (year 2002), has always been free!

I’ve paid for Ares, can I have a refund?

Ares is a 100% free program and we don’t sell it nor we have authorized third parties to do that.

Update your bookmark for our website.

Is Ares project still active?

Yes lastest version has been released on November 2009

I have problems with Ares under Vista, what can I do?

You can install this update for Vista released by Microsoft.

Does Ares contains spyware or adware?

No! Ares is a free opensource project and as such doesn’t install any form of adware, spyware or malware software. Unfortunately some websites do distribute ad/spyware bundled versions of Ares, therefore we advise you to download the latest version of Ares or Ares Lite here at .

Is there any faster / better version of Ares?

We highly doubt it. Ares Gold is known as an adware version of Ares as a matter of facts there’s a huge selection of Ares clones (Ares Vista,Ares Pro,Ares Gold,Ares Ultra,Ares Official,Ares Turbo to name a few). These programs are usually adware-bundled versions of the this free GPL project.

Where can I find source code?

Ares’ sourcecode is here.

How do I share my files with other users?

Go to Control Panel section, select Filesharing tab and chose to start an autoscan, wait till the scan completes and select one or more folders to share, finally hit apply.

Where do all my downloaded files go to?

You can choose the location of your downloaded files by going to “Ares Control Panel->Transfer->Download folder”, the default download location is “C:Program FilesAresMy Shared Folder” on Windows98-ME and “C:Documents and SettingsYourNameLocal SettingsApplication DataAresMy Shared Folder” on Windows XP-Vista. Pay attention: Ares won’t copy your previously downloaded files to the new folder if you change the location, also keep in mind that you have to restart Ares to apply new settings.

Why do some things take so long to download?

The speed at which a download takes place is limited by both the bandwidth of the downloader and by the bandwidth of the uploader. A document cannot by transferred faster than the uploader is capable of sending it, nor can it be transferred faster than the downloader is capable of receiving it. To Maximise transfer speed chose search results having more than 2 yellow stars and configure your firewall/router to allow traffic through Ares’ data port (your data port is in control panel->transfer->Accept incoming connections on port:)

What does Queued mean?

It means that you are downloading from a busy user and your request has been placed in a queue. If you are willing to wait long enough, you will probably get the file.

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